Coral Necklace with Crescent Pendant
Made with natural, untreated, Grade A small coral beads in an orange colour, interspaced with tiny antique silver Bali beads, and with the a lovely crescent shaped pendant with further coral dangles.

This attractive necklace is shorter and less heavy than some of my ethnic style designs. It's approx. 18 1/2 inches in length and the pendant drop is a further 3 inches. The tip of the longest pendant dangle hangs just above the bust when worn, and the actual necklace chain sits on the breastbone (average).

An unfussy ethnic style for simple elegance.

There are earrings to match in the Earrings category. No obligation of course.

Price: 48 euro

48.00 €            


Raw Amethyst Chunk Pendant Necklace
A natural and untreated chunky piece of raw Amethyst with a tiny Bali silver bead at the base and an ornamental bail, is hung from a silver plated link chain to give you a simple, natural necklace in a beautiful purple.

The chain is approx. 19 inches in length and is fastened with a silver plated lobster claw clasp. The Amethyst chink and bail add a further approx. 2 inches.

All of my jewellery arrives beautifully boxed and wrapped.

Price: 22 euro
22.00 €            


Natural Moonstone Ethnic Style Statement Necklace - Very Long - Pendant Necklace
Always elegant Moonstone beads are combined with a mix of filigree and Bali beads and what can only be described as 'a knockout' antique silver pendant, to result in this highly unusual long, ethnic style necklace that makes a huge statement.

The necklace is easily and securely fastened with an engraved toggle clasp.

Statement, style and grace for the coming season's most wearable trend.

Length: approx. 31 inches with a further 4 1/4 inches for the pendant drop. The tip of the longest bead on the pendant hangs just below the bust (average) when worn.

Price: 128.00

128.00 €            


Cream Multi-strand Necklace w/ Ethnic Heart Pendant
An eye-catching multi-strand necklace consisting of 20 strands of cream glass seed beads with a large ethnic style pendant.

The heart shaped pendant is antique silver tone with an extravagant pattern and a sage green oval resin inset.

The necklace is finished with silver tone cone cap ends and is easily and securely fastened with a hook over clasp.

A sumptuous, chunky, ethnic style necklace with dramatic appeal.

Length: 18 inches with a further 2 1/2 inches for the pendant.
Price: 48 euro

48.00 €            


Olive Green Jade/Brass/Bronze Necklace - Chunky Ethnic Style
A chunky and rustic ethnic style necklace made using natural and untreated olive green Taiwan Jade inter-spaced with bronze beads and large brass corrugated beads with cross hatching, which were hand made in Africa.

The necklace is easily and safely fastened with a bronze oriental style toggle clasp.

An unfussy and naturally beautiful necklace that won't be put back into its box very often.

Length: 20 inches
Price: 54 euro

* * * * *

There is a bracelet that matches this necklace. No obligation - just saying ! You can see it in the bracelets category.
54.00 €            


Ruby Jade Oriental Necklace w/ Lotus Petal Pendant
An Oriental style necklace made with Ruby Jade gemstones which have been hand cut and faceted. Although called Ruby Jade it is more fuchsia pink in colour.

The Jade is interspaced with small Bali style antique silver beads and two sets of larger filigree swirl lantern bead highlights.

The focal pendant is a large, pointed Lotus petal drop with an elaborate oriental pattern which has a four petalled lotus flower at the centre.

The necklace measures approx. 24 inches with a further 2 inches for the pendant. When worn the pendant sits on the bust (general). I have shown the necklace on a mannequin to give you an idea of the size and length, in the last photo.

The necklace is easily and securely fastened with an oriental style toggle clasp.

Length: approx. 24 inches plus a further 2 inches for the pendant.
Price: 48 euro
48.00 €            


Long Turquoise Ethnic Style Necklace w/ Silhouette Pendant
This ethnic style necklace is very long and hangs almost to the waist.

Made using natural African Turquoise beads with silver tone Bali beads, and a truly stunning large floral silhouette pendant with turquoise and Bali dangles it is truly unique.

The fastening is an ornamental silver tone toggle clasp which is easy to fasten and very secure.

Length: approx. 33 inches with a further 3 1/2 inches for the pendant drop.
Price: 72 euro
72.00 €            


Jade Gemstone Crescent Pendant Necklace - Ethnic Style - Olive Green Jade Necklace
An ethnic style long pendant necklace made using beautiful stones of natural Jade in an olive green colour, inter-spaced with tiny antique silver Bali beads and with larger Bali beads to the front where the focal component of the necklace is a large antique silver filigree medallion crescent pendant.

The necklace is approx. 25 inches in length, with a further 2 1/2 for the pendant. When worn the base of the pendant sits (average) on the bust. It is securely and easily fastened with an ornamental antique silver toggle clasp.

Length: approx.25 inches plus 2 1/2 inches for the pendant
Price: 48 euro
48.00 €            


Lapis Necklace Ethnic/Tribal Style with Spade Pendant
A truly stunning necklace made using vintage Lapis Lazuli gemstone beads, vintage pewter beads and African crow beads.

The Lapis beads are hung at the front of the necklace chain, inter-spaced with the pewter beads. The African crow beads, which are a blue/black oil slick, form the rest of the chain, which is fastened with an ornamental toggle clasp.

The pendant is spade shaped and hung with further pewter and crow beads, which are topped and tailed with tiny antique silver Bali style beads.

A long necklace, measuring approx. 21 inches with a further approx. 4.7 inches for the pendant drop. When worn the pendant sits on the bust.

Price: 73 euro
73.00 €