1950s Stetson Purple/Brown Gloves with Button Detail at Wrist
A pair of mink brown (or maybe they are light purple - I can't describe the colour - but the photo's are accurate) nylon vintage gloves from the 1950's, made in the US by Stetson. They have a band of decorative stitching along the back of the hand, and a decorative material strip detail at each side of the wrist, with buttons. The palm side is elasticated at the wrist.

In excellent condition.

Very hard to find, very 50's, very secretary/geek, very you.... a must for your collection of vintage accessories.

Size: Medium. Quite stretchy.
Price: 28 euro
28.00 €            


Vintage French Ladies White Gloves - 1950s - White Jersey Stretch Vintage Gloves
A pretty pair of vintage 1950s white jersey ladies gloves. They are wrist length with a 'v' shaped slit and cross bar.

Gloves measure 8 ins from wrist to finger tip and 3 ins across. They have some stretch to them.

They are in good condition for their age, but there is one small faint yellow stain on the back of the right hand glove. I wonder if the lady spilt a little champagne or white wine on it from her glass back in the day. I've shown it in the last photo.

Tres chic!

Price: 22 euro
22.00 €            


Vintage Swinging 60s Yellow Gloves with Rings
These gloves are from the 1960's - that lovely period in time. Remember the Swinging 60's? Short geometric shift dresses and PVC, modelled by Jean Shrimpton (The Shrimp), and Twiggy, Carnaby Street, Mods. Groovy Baby!

A fantastic pair of pale yellow, short wrist gloves in a ridged material with a decorative strip and ring wrist detail. In very good condition. There is a tiny mark (I mean REALLY tiny) on the top of the right hand glove below the middle finger. I have tried to show it in the fifth photo, but it's so small, you'll have to look really hard to see it. Apart from that they look as though they have never been worn.

Made in England.

1960's Secretary/Geek

Size: 6 1/2 but quite stretchy. They would fit me and I am a 7 1/2
Price: 24 euro
24.00 €            


Vintage 60s Pale Tan Gloves - Ladies Leather Kid Gloves - Tiny Bow
These vintage 1960s ladies kid gloves were taken from their original plastic presentation bag which labelled them as size 7 1/2 and are in unworn/perfect condition except for the fact that there are two tiny holes at the back of the wrist in the corner, where they were clipped together. I have shown this in the last photo. A silly thing for a shop owner to do with kid gloves, but there it is.

These are in a pale tan/ cafe au lait colour and are detailed with a raised decorative fit seam which is trimmed with a tiny bow, and a frill cut edge to the wrist. They are soooo pretty. They don't make them like this any more!

Length: 8.75 inches/ 22 cms
Width (below thumb): 3.5 inches/ 9 cms (these will stretch to custom fit the hand)
Size: 7 1/2
Price: 28 euro

28.00 €            


Vintage French Ladies Black Gloves - 1940s - Black jersey Stretch Vintage Gloves
A pair of elegant slim soft black jersey gloves with cream cotton trim and fancy press stud fastening. There are three decorative lines of black stitching along the front. Made in France in the 1940's these gloves have never been worn. They are new, old stock from an old haberdashery shop in France.

Size: Small, but they have good stretch.
Price: 26.50 euro
26.50 €            


Vintage 1950s Maroon Ruched Gloves
Vintage 1950s Maroon Ruched Gloves

A pair of gloves from the 1950's in a lovely deep red/maroon,with ruching at the wrist front. Made of stretchy nylon material with a light wool lining. When worn the have a sleek and smart look, and come to quite high above the wrist

I'm not sure what size they are but because they are a little stretchy, they seem to fit multiple sizes.

Price: 12 euro
12.00 €            


Vintage White Cotton Ladies Gloves - 1950s - Bridal/Wedding Gloves
A pretty pair of vintage 1950s white cotton ladies gloves. They are decorated with three lines of stitching at the front, and fit slightly higher up the wrist.

These gloves have been freshly laundered and are in very good condition with no broken threads. There are however, two tiny stains at the tip of the fingertips of the left hand glove, which I've shown in the last photo. One is barely noticeable, one a tiny bit bigger. (I like to think they were from the champagne glass the previous owner was holding while she adjusted her pearls.)

I don't know the exact size I'm afraid, but they are small. Probably a six.

Perfect little gloves to wear to a white wedding, for the vintage bride, or bridesmaid, especially if the wedding is held in the winter, spring or autumn months, when the weather is not so warm.

During the 1950s, winter white was such a popular colour. It makes a lady feel soft and pretty, especially when wearing a hat, gloves and carrying a pretty hanky.

I have the hat for sale too.

Price: 15 euro
15.00 €