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1950s Black Embroidered w/ Roses Small Evening Bag
Lovely little tapestry embroidered bag or clutch purse for the evening.

The bag is made of black silk and has embroidered pink roses in the centre with a floral decorative design around. The reverse is plain black.

The frame and clasp are made of gold-tone metal with a nice decorative pattern. There is a short linked gold-tone chain. The clasp is a clip clasp with that lovely 'click' sound when you are closing it.

Internally there is a lovely black silk lining and small inner pocket with a removable mirror.

A cute little bag in excellent condition. Externally and internally is clean and there is no tarnishing to the metalwork. You will see in the photos that there is a fold across the back. This seems to be just where the bag has been stored flat with no padding inside and the material has folded over. In use, the fold mark disappears.

Size: approx. 7 inches x 5 inches (18 x 12cm)
Price: 22 euro
22.00 €            


1950s Elegant Black Satin Evening Bag with Bow
Elegant and understated evening cocktail bag from the 1950s.

The black fabric is a high quality black satin and this also covers the frame. The bow on top sits on the frame and forms part of the clasp which is firm and to be totally accurate is a little hard to open until you get the knack. There is a silver-tone chain handle which can be folded inside to use as a clutch.

The internal lining is a black silky material which is in good clean condition. There is a small mall interior pocket.

This little bag can hold your phone, lipstick, and some cash. It is in very good condition considering it's age. I think that it can't have been used much, and has been well looked after.

There is one tiny 'pull' at the top where the satin has been stitched to the frame. It looks as though the stitching has pulled the material. I have shown it in the last photo.

Size: Approx. 9 inches wide and 5 inches high.
Price: 34 euro
34.00 €            


1930s Small Black Handbag with Diamantes
A lovely little handbag from the 1930s with patterned black material and gold hardware, including a ridged kiss clasp that has that lovely click to it when you close it. There is a row of clear rhinestones along each outer edge, that are lovely and shiny and all present and correct.

The top handle of the bag is doubled over and connected at the center with a loop.

The inside is lined with finely corded material that looks like silk, but of that, I can't be sure. There is an open pocket on one side, and the lining is clean with no marks, and a 'Made in England' tag attached.

This little bag is in very, very good condition for it's age. The outside is clean and smart with no sign of wear, apart from a small amount of tarnishing to the metal, which I have tried to show in the photos. All in all, it looks to have hardly been used.

A small bag, large in quality and style. Perfect for evening use and a great addition to your vintage accessories collection.

Size: Approx. Side to side at bottom 6 1/4 inches
Side to side at top 5 inches

Height 5 1/2 inches
Depth 1/2 inch

The handle at full height adds approx. 2 1/2 inches to the height.

Price: 38 euro
38.00 €            


Vintage HOBBS Polka Dot Bag - Clutch/Shoulder Bag - Hobbs of London - Vintage Bags - Black/White Dots
This is a really cute bag from the 1980's, by Hobbs of London. It is classic black with white polka dots, and has three different styles that you can use. It's a clutch bag, and has two interchangeable straps, one long, so that you can use it as a shoulder bag, and one short so that you can use it as a handbag.

Made of 64% cotton and 34% viscose with a magnetic press stud clasp beneath the button on the front. Internally the bag is lined with material printed with the name Hobbs and there is a small leather Hobbs signature on the inside/back.

This lovely little classic bag is in exceptionally good, if not perfect condition.

Size: 6 ins x 6 ins x 2 1/2 ins
Height: 6 ins (without handles)
Base Width: 6ins
Top Width: 5 1/4 ins
Shortest handle drop: 2 ins
Longest handle drop (cross body/shoulder ): 24 ins

The perfect style and size to carry your essentials and style up your outfit.

Exquisite craftsmanship and pin-sharp attention to detail are intrinsic to the Hobbs brand.

Price: 39 euro
39.00 €            


Vintage 1950s Tan Leather Handbag
This is a gorgeous original 1950s top quality handbag, made in England by Marquessa, in genuine textured and veined leather in a Tan shade. and fully lined in soft Tan suede.

Made in England in the 1950's this handbag is in excellent condition. Almost as fresh & clean as when new. It has a few very small scuff marks – difficult to see.

There are two single strap handles which are attached to the bag with gilt hooks. The frame and clasp are gilt, and are pristine and all in perfect working order. The clasp has a few minor scuffs. It gives a lovely click when fastened. I love that sound that vintage handbags have when you close them.

The inside is lined with suede. At the very base of the inside of the bag there are three or four small ink marks and there is a teeny tiny mark just under the right hand hinge.

Inside there are lots of pockets, three on each side, two with a zipper closure and four open. Each of the pockets is lined with silk. There is also a small matching suede coin purse with a trim that matches the leather of the bag, and a silk interior, and a double sided pocket mirror.

13 inches wide x 9 inches high x 3.5 inches deep. The handles give it a further approx. 6 inches.

It's hard to find bags of this age that still in great condition. This is one of them. Pure Class.

Price: 84 euro
84.00 €            


1950s Black Embroidered Clutch Purse
An original 1950's small clutch purse in black with an embroidered tapestry panel down the front centre. The inside is lined with red satin, and the top is a gold metal bar and kiss clasp.

This little clutch purse is in excellent condition with no flaws found inside or out.

Back in the time it was made it would have been taken to a dance or wedding to carry a lipstick, compact and keys, plus perhaps a little money. Today we would have our mobile phone as well, but unfortunately it wont fit inside this little cutey, so it will have to be used for when a phone isn't needed, or perhaps use it inside a larger bag.

A nice addition to your vintage accessory collection.

Size: 5 x 4.5 inches
Price: 18.50 euro
18.50 €            


Vintage Red Leather Handbag - JANE SHILTON - Genuine Red Leather - Clip Frame Clutch Handbag/Shoulder Bag
Vintage Red Leather Handbag - JANE SHILTON - Genuine Red Leather - Clip Frame Clutch Handbag/Shoulder Bag.

Vintage Red Leather Handbag - JANE SHILTON - Genuine Red Leather - Clip Frame Clutch Handbag/Shoulder Bag

This is a stunning, timeless classic, vintage handbag by JANE SHILTON, England.

Made of beautiful supple red leather with a frill top and gold plated clip frame. The back and front are the same. A medium sized bag that is a clutch or shoulder bag.

Genuine soft red leather clutch handbag with a clip on long strap that can be clipped, with the gold plated clasps, onto the bag to make it into a shoulder bag. Inside, the bag has two pockets, one of which has a zip fastener closing.

The interior is lined with black ridged silk printed with the Jane Shilton logo, and is in excellent condition. There is a further Jane Shilton tag sewn onto the front of the zip fastened pocket, which says Jane Shilton. Genuine Leather. Made In England.

The exterior is in excellent, as new condition.

Item Specifics

Dimensions - approx. 10 x 6 3/4 x 2 1/2 inches
Strap: 3 ' 9"

Price: 48 euro

* * * * *

A bit about the Jane Shilton Company...

They are British company that is family owned, with a fairytale foundation. They began 80 years ago when Alexander Shilton set up a handbag company in the City of London. When he went off to war, the factory made gas masks, and Alex's secretary Jane ran everything like clockwork in his absence - despite the building being bombed four times. Alex returned, married Jane and renamed the company 'Jane Shilton'.

They are still in London to this day.

48.00 €