Vintage White Cotton Ladies Gloves - 1950s - Bridal/Wedding Gloves
A pretty pair of vintage 1950s white cotton ladies gloves. They are decorated with three lines of stitching at the front, and fit slightly higher up the wrist.

These gloves have been freshly laundered and are in very good condition with no broken threads. There are however, two tiny stains at the tip of the fingertips of the left hand glove, which I've shown in the last photo. One is barely noticeable, one a tiny bit bigger. (I like to think they were from the champagne glass the previous owner was holding while she adjusted her pearls.)

I don't know the exact size I'm afraid, but they are small. Probably a six.

Perfect little gloves to wear to a white wedding, for the vintage bride, or bridesmaid, especially if the wedding is held in the winter, spring or autumn months, when the weather is not so warm.

During the 1950s, winter white was such a popular colour. It makes a lady feel soft and pretty, especially when wearing a hat, gloves and carrying a pretty hanky.

I have the hat for sale too.

Price: 15 euro
15.00 €            


1940s Cream Suede Kid Leather Ladies Gloves
Original vintage 1940s creamy yellow suede kid leather ladies gloves.

These gloves were made in England during the 1940s. The fronts have two raised lines of decorative stitching with a pattern of tiny holes along each side, and the backs have small sections of ruched elastic. They flare slightly at the wrist and have small side splits.

Inside are the words 'English Make' and the size 6 1/2.

These gloves are in excellent condition. They don't look as though they have ever been worn. A perfect addition to your vintage wardrobe.

Size: 6 1/2 (Small)
Price: 34.00
34.00 €            


Vintage 1950s Ladies Black Gloves - Black Cotton
A pair of elegant and stylish black cotton gloves with a faux fur split cuff. Made in Western Germany by Wear Right, in the 1950s, they extend beyond the wrist to part-way up the forearm.

The cuffs , which are approx. 2 inches in depth, can be worn with the faux fur turned down, as in the photos, so that you get a pair of winter gloves, or turn them up and get an elegant pair of longer plain black cotton evening gloves, which would look stunning with 1950s style three quarter sleeve dress or coat. So - two different styles in one!

In excellent, as new condition with no holes or snags, these gloves have been very well looked after through the years.

Great for Autumn/Winter wear, or to an evening at a restaurant/party worn longer. Might also be great for a fashion student or as an addition to an am-dram wardrobe.

Size: 7 stated on label
Price: 22 euro

22.00 €            


1950s Stetson Purple/Brown Gloves with Button Detail at Wrist
A pair of mink brown (or maybe they are light purple - I can't describe the colour - but the photo's are accurate) nylon vintage gloves from the 1950's, made in the US by Stetson. They have a band of decorative stitching along the back of the hand, and a decorative material strip detail at each side of the wrist, with buttons. The palm side is elasticated at the wrist.

In excellent condition.

Very hard to find, very 50's, very secretary/geek, very you.... a must for your collection of vintage accessories.

Size: Medium. Quite stretchy.
Price: 28 euro
28.00 €            


Vintage 1940s French Ladies Natural Kid Leather Gauntlet/Driving Gloves - Size 7 1/2

Original vintage 1940s creamy yellow suede kid leather ladies driving gloves/gauntlets.

These gloves were made in France during the 1940s. The tops of the gloves have three raised lines of decorative stitching. They gauntlet cuff section is stitched on separately and flares at the wrist. There are and have side splits to the outer edges.

Inside are the words 'Made in France' and the size 7 1/2. The fingers are quite long, and I would say that they are a tight 7 1/2, however, they have some stretch in them and will 'give'
to your hand size when worn.

These gloves are in very good condition. They don't look as though they have ever been worn. However, there are a few spots of age on the cuffs which I have tried to show in the last three photos, which in honesty can't be seen unless you inspect very carefully. I have shown them because they seemed to show up more in the photos than in real life.

I think they would make good gloves for horse riding as well as driving or general wear. They would also be great costume props and a perfect addition to your vintage wardrobe.

Size: 7 1/2
Price: 34.00
34.00 €            


LANVIN Paris Vintage Handkerchief - 1950s - Sold
A really pretty 100% pure cotton handkerchief with hand rolled and sewn edges.

This handkerchief was made for Lanvin in the 1950s. There is a trellis pattern around the outer edges in red and green and the central square has a mass of red, pink and green flowers and leaves. The background is light cream/ivory.

The Lanvin 'Paris' signature is in the corner of the handkerchief. A perfect example by a classic designer.

Never used, this cute hankie is in perfect condition. It would make a nice piece to add to your vintage handbag - perhaps tied to the handle, or you could use it as a bracelet tied around the wrist and fastened with a pretty knot. Perfect for a vintage bride, bridesmaid or mother of the bride - to wipe away a happy tear. Or you could use it as a handkerchief! It's a bit too nice for that though. Just a nice thing to have.

Size: approx. 12.5 inches square (32 cm)
Price: 12 euro - Sold


Vintage White Cotton Handkerchief Case w/ 3 Lace Edged Hankies - 1950s - Sold
A pretty vintage hand embroidered with drawn thread white cotton hanky case from the 1950s, with three fine cotton ladies handkerchiefs that have hand crocheted lace edging.

The handkerchiefs measure 29 to 32 cms sq. (12 to 13 inches square)

2 are white with white embroidery, one is slightly off white, with off white embroidery.

The hanky case is approx. 26 x 11cms (10 1/2 inches x 4 1/2 inches) closed

In excellent freshly laundered condition and ready to use.

A perfectly pretty little gift for someone who adores vintage lacey items. Would also be lovely to use at a vintage wedding to wipe away a happy tear.

Price: 18 euro for the complete set - Sold


Vintage 1950s Pure Silk Scarf - Brown/Rust
This square scarf is 100% pure silk. Made in the 1950's it is a mix of rusts, browns and cream and has a geometric/oriental style pattern, with plain brown edging.

The edging is hand rolled and hand sewn, and are still nice and plump. In excellent condition.

Size: approx. 32 x 32 inches
Price: 28 euro
28.00 €            


Vintage Black/Red Polka Dot Scarf - 1960s
A long black scarf with bright lipstick red polka dots and outer edges.

This scarf is from the 1960's and is made of a crepe material. It is in pristine condition with no marks or pulls. A very striking vintage polka dot scarf that ties and drapes well.

Length: 60 x 20 inches
Price: 19 euro
19.00 €            


Vintage Paloma Picasso Designer Silk Scarf - 100% Silk - Paris 1980s
A beautiful large, square, jewel tones 100% silk scarf by the designer Paloma Picasso.

Made in Paris in the 1980s, this beautiful scarf has hand rolled and sewn edges. The centre of the scarf is black, with the signature 'Kiss' sign in gold. The pattern is gold chains in triangles with internal colour blocks of turquoise, bright red, blue and purple.

The outer edge is outlined with the chains pattern and finished in black. The Paloma Picasso signature is the corner.

There are a few small marks on the scarf and one of the turquoise colour blocks has some small holes that look as though a brooch has been used to hold the scarf together. I have shown this in the last photograph. Apart from this the scarf is in very good condition. I have reflected the marks etc in the price.

Size: approx. 34 inches
Price: 48 euro

* * * * *

Paloma Picasso’s creations artfully combine European sophistication with exotic influences. Ranging from intricate, sumptuous forms to pure expressions of luminous colour, her collections exude an original style that is pure Paloma. Her pieces refuse to be ignored.
48.00 €            


Vintage 1950s Liz Claiborne Scarf - Designer Red Silk Scarf
This rich, deep red scarf is by the designer Liz Claiborne. Made in the 1950's in 100% pure silk with a beautiful paisley design it is square shaped with hand rolled edges, and in very good condition. The Liz Claiborne signature is at one corner, in gold.

There are a few very minor pulls, which are too tiny to photograph. You probably wouldn't notice them if I didn't tell you, but I am telling you anyway.

A wonderful addition to your vintage wardrobe.

Size: 18 inches
Price: 28 euro
28.00 €            


Vintage Balenciaga Silk Chiffon Scarf - Rust Colour - Geometric - France 1980s
A lovely silk chiffon scarf made in France in the 1980s by the fashion house Balenciaga.

The scarf is geometric in design with squares in two tones of orange/rust and two lines of diamond shaped pattern in dark brown, orange, rust and cream.

The edges are hand rolled and sewn and the Balenciaga signature is in one of the corners.

There is one small stain in the corner to the right of the signature. It is approx. 1 1/2 inches across and 1/2 inch deep. It is shown as a slightly dark mark in the photos. In life it isn't noticeable.

Aside from that one small mark, the scarf is in very good condition. It's your chance to own a beautiful vintage accessory from one of the finest French fashion houses.

Size: 30 x 30 inches
Price: 48 euro

* * * * *

Balenciaga is a French luxury fashion house founded by Cristobal Balenciaga, a Spanish designer, born in the Basque Country, Spain. Balenciaga opened his Paris couture house on Avenue George V in August 1937.
48.00 €            


Pierre Cardin Vintage Silk Scarf
A beautiful 100% silk scarf by the French designer Pierre Cardin from the 1960's. The scarf is in shades of raspberry and red with different patterns within squares. It has a hand rolled and stitched hem, and his signature in one corner, along with the words New York Paris.

The scarf is in lovely condition, although there is a tiny stain in one square, which I have shown in the last photograph.

Bought recently in Paris at Porte de Vanves, this is a very striking vintage silk scarf by the designer Pierre Cardin.

Size: 31 inches x 29 inches
Price: 34.00

* * * * *

Pierre Cardin (France, b. 1922)

Best known for creating ground breaking fashion designs from the 1950s onward.

Cardin was born in a village near Venice, Italy, and raised in central France. Always interested in fashion, he left home at age 17 to train with a Vichy tailor. After the end of World War II, Cardin moved to Paris and worked for a succession of couture houses, before taking a job with Christian Dior in 1946. Cardin went solo in 1950, and quickly won attention for his novel style.

34.00 €            


Dark Moss Green/Cream Vintage Italian Silk Scarf - Michelangelo - 1970s
An Italian 100% pure silk scarf by Michelangelo Roma.

The pattern consists of squares of decreasing size in two shades of dark moss green, with a beige centre, and the edges are hand rolled and stitched.

The signature Michelangelo Roma is in one corner.

In very good condition apart from one tiny mark where it looks as though a brooch has been used to pin the scarf together at one time. The mark was too small to show up in a photo though. You may not have seen it if I hadn't mentioned it, but I'm mentioning it anyway.

Size: 30 ins x 30ins
Price: 18 euro

Suggestion: I have a scarf bail in the 'Other Handmade Accessories' category which goes really well with this scarf. The last picture of the scarf bail shows it with this scarf on a mannequin.
18.00 €            


Diaphanous Black Tasselled Beaded Embroidered Evening Scarf/Wrap - Vintage 1950s
A sleek and graceful black evening scarf in a fine, sheer diaphanous material with beaded embroidered top and bottom edges which have tassels too, and beaded hand embroidered swirls throughout.

I'm not entirely sure what the material is. Possibly Polyester.

This scarf is very long at 66 inches and can be used as a wrap, or wrapped around the neck with the ends hanging down the front. It is in beautiful condition and I doubt that it has been worn much, if at all! It measures 66 by 13 inches and the tassels add on an extra 7 inches both ends. Would make a lovely addition to any evening outfit.

Length: 66 inches x 13 inches with a further 7 inches at each end for the tassels
(167 cm x 33cm x 17 at each end for tassels)

Price: 24 euro
24.00 €            


Vintage La Redoute Scarf - Red/Cream - Geometric Pattern
Vintage La Redoute Scarf - Red/Cream - Geometric Pattern

A fabulous La Redoute scarf from the 1980's in various shade of red on a beige background, in a geometric pattern.

There is a very luxurious, silky feel to this scarf although it is made of polyester. In perfect, as new condition.

A lovely addition to your vintage wardrobe.

Size: approx. 26 x 26 inches
Price 14 euro

14.00 €