Multi-Strand Purple Bracelet w/ Elephant
A purple multi-strand bracelet made using a mix of Czech glass beads and handmade glass art beads in purples, topaz and browns.

The beads vary in size and shape and include purple picasso saturns, oblong florals, topaz twists and handmade topaz glass beads with spots.

The beads are strung onto three individual strands and interspaced with bronze and antique gold metal beads. The three strands join at the ends into a cone cap and the bracelet is fastened with a rose gold plated lobster claw clasp.

There is a a gold plated elephant and a cute bronze bird at the clasp.

Designed to flatter the wrist and get you ready for the seasons to come.

Length: approx. 8 inches
Price: 48 euro
48.00 €            


Multi-Strand Red Bracelet w/ Cute Bird
A red multi-strand bracelet made using a mix of Czech glass beads.

The beads vary in size and shape and include bright lipstick red picasso rondelles, large oval maroon with picasso sunbursts and six side coins with a gold oil slick finish.

The beads are strung onto three individual strands and interspaced with rose gold plated metal rounds. The three strands join at the ends into a cone cap and the bracelet is fastened with a rose gold plated lobster claw clasp. Fastens from 71/2 inches to 8 inches.

A cluster of unique beads form a large ornamental dangle at the clasp, including a red handmade raku teardrop, and a paisley tag with a cute brown bird which has a copper glitter tail.

Designed to flatter the wrist and set you up for the seasons.

Length: approx. Fastens at 7 1/2 inches and 8 inches
Price: 53 euro
53.00 €            


Purple/Green Bracelet - Handmade Bracelets - Three Strand - Gold Chain
This bracelet was inspired by the colours in a cookery book I was reading called Rick Stein's India. The colours in the photographs were so warm and vibrant and I thought they would be perfect for my new Autumn /Winter designs.

So here we have a slinky little three strand number which I made using vintage Lucite beads in matte purple and sage green moonglow, which has a soft sheen to it.

The beads are interspaced with antique gold beads in the Bali style.

The third strand of the bracelet is a gold plated circular link chain, and the clasp is an antique gold plated engraved toggle (ring and bar) clasp, which is really easy to fasten with hand, but also very secure.

There is a small decorative beaded dangle attached to the clasp too.

This bracelet comes beautifully boxed.

Length: approx. 21cm (8.25 inches.) Standard size
Price: 29 euro
29.00 €            


Pink and Turquoise Multi Strand Tassel Bracelet - Handmade Bracelets - Boho Style
This is one of my Oriental bracelet designs inspired by reading a book about India.

The first strand of the bracelet is made using vintage moonglow Lucite beads interspaced with small silver plated round beads and with a vintage fuchsia pink handmade Kashmiri bead with bead caps, at the centre.

The second strand is made of faceted turquoise Czech glass beads interspaced with tiny antique silver Bali style spacer beads.

There are two further strands of antique silver plated chain.

All of the strands meet up at the pretty silver plated floral toggle clasp, and there is a further ornamental dangle made of one of the vintage moonglow beads and a Czech turquoise glass bead.

This is a very pretty Oriental style bracelet with a Bohemian touch. It can be worn on many occasions to dress an outfit for casual or formal occasions.

Length: approx. 8 inches
Price: 38.00
38.00 €            


Colourful Boho Art Bead Bracelet - Handmade Lampwork Glass Art Bead Bracelet - Handmade Bracelets
This bracelet is made using various colourful, top quality, handmade lampwork glass art beads made by bead artists from around the world.

These handmade lampwork glass beads come in a variety of colours including blue, mauve, pink, red, with a large antique gold ornamental Bali bead thrown in for good measure.

The beads are all individually linked together with gold plated wire, which gives a lovely flowing effect to the bracelet, and the clasp is a gold plated toggle.

A one of a kind bracelet for the Bohemian girl.

Length: approx. 8 1/2 inches. Fits average wrist size, but has been made longer to account for the size of the large beads around the wrist.

Price: 34 euro
34.00 €            


Olive Green Jade/Brass/Bronze Bracelet - Chunky Ethnic Style - Handmade Bracelets
A chunky and rustic ethnic style bracelet made using natural and untreated olive green Taiwan Jade interspaced with bronze beads and large brass corrugated beads with cross hatching, which were hand made in Africa.

The bracelet is easily and safely fastened with a bronze oriental style toggle clasp.

An unfussy and naturally beautiful bracelet that won't be put back into its box very often.

Length: 8 inches
Price: 28 euro

There is a necklace that matches this bracelet. No obligation - just saying ! You can see it in the 'Ethnic/Gemstone' category.
28.00 €            


Boho Multi Strand Tassel Bracelet - Pale Blue/Fuchsia Pink/ Orange - Handmade Bracelets
I was inspired to make this bracelet while I was reading a book about India. The jewellery that the women wear is so colourful and cheerful, so I thought I'd do my own take on it.

The first strand is made using tiny vintage Millefiori beads in a beautiful spicy orange with small flecks of colour. These are interspaced with plain gold round beads.

The second strand is made using pale blue faceted crystals with an internal pink rose, together with fuchsia pink vintage glass pearls, and stunning large fuchsia pink vintage handmade Kashmiri beads.

There are two further strands od gold plated chain with small circular links.

The strands are all connected together at the clasp which is an antique gold twisted toggle clasp.

As further decoration, there is a spicy orange faux suede tassel attached which has a gold plated domed top.

A cheerful and colourful bracelet for the girl who likes the Bohemian style.

Length: approx. 8 inches
Price: 38 euro

38.00 €            


Freshwater Pearl Chunky Bracelet - Two Strand Handmade Bracelet
This glamorous two strand bracelet is made of genuine freshwater pearls and large faceted brown topaz glass focal gems.

One of the strands has one central brown topaz gem and the other has two. Each gem has antique gold Bali style spacers on either side.

The bracelet is fastened with a gold plated toggle clasp and there is an ornamental dangle cluster attached, which includes more pearls, a vintage clear faceted crystal, and a pretty white and gold cloisonne shell.

Invest in yourself with this bracelet and you will feel as good as it makes you look. You could wear it casually, for a special event, even as bridal/wedding jewellery. The world is your oyster..

Length: 8 inches
Price: 36 euro
36.00 €            


Pink Biwa Pearl Asymmetrical Bracelet with Natural Taiwan Jade
Pale dusky pink Biwa Pearls and olive green Taiwan Jade are inter-spaced with tiny antique silver Bali style beads to make a stunningly beautiful asymmetrical bracelet.

There is a a large ornamental Bali bead at the centre of the bracelet and the clasp is an ornately engraved antique silver toggle clasp. There is an ornamental dangle attached to the clasp.

The jade is natural and untreated and is not highly polished, but has a more matte finish. The pearls are grade AA and have a beautiful lustre.

Length: 8 inches. Fits an average sized wrist.
Price: 38 euro
38.00 €            


Chunky Amber Asymmetrical Bracelet
An ethnic style asymmetrical bracelet I made using large genuine Amber chunks to one side and two strands of large silver tone link chain to the other side.

To the centre of the bracelet is a large Tibetan Copal Amber hand made bead with white brass caps and detailing, with beautiful ornamental Tibetan beads at either side, and at the base of the Amber chunks.

The bracelet is securely and easily fastened with an antique silver ornamental toggle clasp and there is a heart charm as an additional ornamental dangle.

Length: 8 1/2 inches (Fits a normal size wrist, but has been made larger because of the size of the beads against the wrist.)
Price: 48 euro

NB: The Amber chunks are genuine Amber. The central bead is Copal Amber. Copal or resin amber is the resin from the Copal tree, found in Tibet. It is drained from the tree by locals and made into beads.

48.00 €            


Bright Fuchsia Pink Beaded Boho Cuff - Pink Felted Cuff
Bright Fuchsia Pink Beaded Boho Cuff - Pink Felted Cuff

I decided to do something a bit different last week. I made a cuff. Here it is.All hand sewn, lined, a bit Steampunk (although probably too bright for steam punk, definitely Boho.

The base of the cuff is bright Fuchsia pink felt which is lined with black vintage lined material, from one of those bow ties which you hand tie.

The top and base are sewn with small glass, silver lined seed beads in topaz and amethyst.

Across the centre of the cuff is a piece of vintage silk ribbon, on which is sewn, gold sequins. There is a vintage AB crystal rhinestone strip underneath that. and vintage 1950's fuchsia pink Czech glass beads above. Other embellishments include little flower bead, pearls, turquoise and aqua beads, a blue drop tied on with ribbon, and a bronze wrap with a topaz faceted teardrop crystal.

All embellishments are vintage.

The cuff is fastened with a vintage silk wrapped militia style fastener, which can be used to the front, or back of the cuff, depending upon how you feel that day!

A lot for you to take in there I know, but simply put, this is a colourful, Boho, hand sewn, vintage beaded cuff. Did I need to say the rest - probably not - but you needed to know.

There will never be another like this. Guaranteed.

Length: 7 1/4 inches, 8 1/4 inches including the fastener toggles. Fits the average wrist.
Height: 2 1/2 inches
Price: 30 euro
30.00 €