Vintage Sunglasses


1950s Sol Amor French Sunglasses - Metal Frame/Green Surround/Green Lenses
Sol Amor French sunglasses from the 1950s.

The frames and arms are silver tone metal, and the lenses are green glass with a slightly thicker green outer edge to the lenses. Both the frames and the lenses show extremely minimal wear.

The words SOL AMOR are stamped into the inside of both arms.

A great pair of hard to find vintage 1950s sunglasses to add to you accessories collection.

Size: 5 inches across (outer lens edge to outer lens edge at top.
1 3/4 inches top to bottom of lens/frame
Price: 58 euro

58.00 €            


Vintage PRO-DESIGN Sunglasses - Mod 6003 - Denmark 1980s - Metallic Dark Green
Vintage PRO Design sunglasses. Made in Denmark in the 1980s. The frames are dark green metal with a soft metallic finish, and the lenses are dark green plastic.

Both the frames and the lenses are in excellent condition with little to no sign of wear.

The inside of the left arm says PROVOGUE 6003, plus the copyright sign, and the inside of the right arm says PRO DESIGN DENMARK.

A very trendy pair of quality vintage Scandinavian sunglasses, in mint condition.

Size: 5 inches temple to temple/1 inch top to bottom at front of lens frame.
Price: 48 euro
48.00 €            


Vintage 1950s ESSEL RUBIS Sunglasses - White Gold Filled - Original Green Glass Lenses - France
Vintage sunglasses made in France in the 1950s. The frames are white gold filled metal, with cream/beige plastic surrounds. The lenses are the original green glass.

The frames show light edge wear with some very slight tarnishing within the plastic above the eye, but no serious flaws. The lenses show some light surface scratches but these are very faint and do not affect visibility badly at all. The signature ESSELL is on the reverse of the bridge.

All in all a lovely pair of sunglasses that are quite unique and in very good condition given their age.

A fabulous addition to your vintage accessories collection.

Size: approx. Approx. 4 1/2 inches across front frame, 4 3/4 arm to arm, 1 3/4 inches top to bottom of frame at front.
Price: 58 euro
58.00 €            


Vintage VOGART 3085 Designer Sunglasses - Italy - 1980s
Vintage VOGART sunglasses. Model No. 3087. Handmade in Italy in the 1980s.

The frames are faux tortoiseshell with a textured affect to the front. They are cat eye in shape with straight sides. The arms are smooth with a large golden 'V' motif at the top on each side. On the inside of the right arm is written 'VOGART Handmade Italy'. On the inside of the left arm is written 'MOD 3087 Col 510'.

The inside cut to the frame, where the lenses are fitted lenses are cut to a different shape than the outside. So the lenses themselves are more cat eye in shape and cut at a straight angle across the outer top corner.

The frame is in excellent to near mint condition. The lenses, which are grey plastic, have a tiny amount of extremely light marks and have good clear vision when worn. The word VOGART is etched onto the top left hand corner of the left lens.

Textured colours and a twist on the cat eye shape make these Vogart sunnies are perfect to wear at any time, with any outfit.

Size: approx. 5 1/4 inches across top of frame arm to arm and 1 3/4 inches deep at centre front of lens.
Price: 98 euro

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Launched in 1983, Police is an Italian manufacturer of fashion accessories. Unique, contemporary, and innovative, their designs are always looking towards the future for inspiration. Police gained popularity through to the early 90s with its “Vogart” “Sting” and famously modelled by world famous footballer David Beckham. Vogart is a line in the police collection with a classic vintage look.
98.00 €            


Vintage Liz Claiborne Black Sunglasses - Cat Eye - 1980s
Vintage Liz Claiborne Italian made sunglasses from the 1980s. They have black plastic cat eye frames with rounded edges, and wavy arms. The lenses are dark pink.

These glasses are in very good condition with no marks or scratches on the frames or lenses. The only problem with them is a small amount of tarnishing to the metal hinges on the inside.

Any marks that you may see in the photo's are reflections.

Size: approx. 5 1/2 inches across, 1 1/2 top to bottom at centre of lenses.
Price: 28 euro
28.00 €            


Vintage 1960s Raspberry Pink Tortoiseshell Sunglasses
Here's an unusual pair of sunglasses for you. They have raspberry pink plastic frames with a tortoiseshell effect and a matte black finish to the top of the frame. The lenses are green glass.

They're slightly oversized and slightly cat eye.

There are a few very, very minor marks on the lenses that do not effect visibility at all. Apart from that they are in very, very good condition.

A quality pair of highly unusual sunglasses from the Swinging Sixties.

Size: 5 1/2 inches across the top from arm to arm, and 2 inches deep from top to bottom at the front.
Price: 44 euro
44.00 €            


Vintage 50s SOL-AMOR Gold Filled Sunglasses - Original Butterfly Lenses - France
Extremely rare and unusual vintage 1950's gold filled SOL-AMOR sunglasses from France.

The frames are gold filled and are in excellent condition showing only minimal wear. The name SOL AMOR is engraved on the inside of both arms.

The plastic lenses, which are greenish/grey, show light surface scratches, some of which are in the line of vision, but this does not affect visibility too badly. The left hand lens has a slightly longer mark to the outer edge but this doesn't affect the vision at all.

A collectable item, these delicate sunglasses are nevertheless made to be worn, and you should wear them. The energy in a room will change when you walk in wearing them.

Size: approx. 5 inches edge to edge of lens & 1 5/8 top to bottom of lens. Arms are approx. 5 inches in length.

Price: 68 euro
68.00 €            


Vintage Ralph Lauren Sunglasses - Ralph 941/S
Vintage authentic Ralph by Ralph Lauren 941/S sunglasses. 1980's/1990's

In fabulous condition these vintage Ralph Lauren sunglasses have a dark brown pearlised frames and brown lenses. The lenses are pristine.

There are a few tiny, tiny marks at the top, and curve of the left arm, which seem to have been made when the glasses are folded and the arms touch. That's it. Otherwise they are as new.

The original box was no good, but I will send them in a different case for protection.

Made in Italy they are 100% UVA & UVB and very beautiful.

Size: approx. 5 1/4 inches across top and just under 1 1/2 inches from top to bottom at front.

Price: 57 euro
57.00 €            


Vintage 1980s NIGURA Sunglasses - METZLER Germany
Nerdish oversized NIGURA sunglasses by METZLER Germany.

These sunglasses were made in the 1980's and have plastic frames that merge from clear to dusky pink as they move toward the outer edges, with the arms completely in dusky pink, and with metal inserts for stability.

The lenses are plastic and pale green in colour in excellent condition with no scratches.

A nice pair of sunglasses in great condition with no issues to the frames or lenses.

Size: approx. 5 3/4 inches from arm to arm across the top and 2 1/4 inches from top to bottom of lens at centre point.

Price: 38 euro
38.00 €            


Vintage 1980s Vogue Sunglasses - Navy Blue Frames
Vogue VO 2182-S designer sunglasses, made in Italy in the 1980's, with navy blue frames and very lightly tinted blue glass lenses.

The signature V is on the outer edge of both arms. Inside the right arm is 'VOGUE made in Italy', and inside the left arm is 'VO2182-S'

These classic sunglasses are in excellent condition with no scratches or markings to the frames or the lenses. They look hardly worn, and are a great style that suits most face shapes.

Size: Width across front approx. 5.3 inches, Height top to bottom of frames approx. 1 1/2 inches, Length of arms approx. 5.2 inches
Price: 48 euro
48.00 €            


Vintage 80s Fendi Fendissime Mauve Sunglasses
Fendi Fendissime F612 vintage sunglasses with a mauve frame and mauve tinted lenses.

The outside of the left arm is embellished with a silver square with the signature FME Fendissime, and on the inside is F612 183.

The inside of the right arm has the Fendissime signature and the word MADE, which would have said made in Italy, but the 'in Italy' has worn off.

These sunglasses are in very good condition. There is a tiny white mark on the outer edge of the left hand side of the frame. I tried to photograph it but it is so small that it doesn't show in the photos. There is also a small rub mark on the outer surface of the bridge, and there are some tiny marks on the lenses that do not affect vision at all.

The most wear is to the inside of the arms, where the 'in Italy' is rubbed away, as mentioned previously.

Size: Width across front 5.3 inches, Height of frames 2 inches at highest point, Length of arms 5.3inches.
Price: 48 euro

48.00 €            


Vintage Revlon Mauritius Olive Green/Gold Pearlised Sunglasses
A lovely pair of vintage sunglasses for ladies. Made by the beauty company Revlon, probably in the 1960's/70's, although I am unable to confirm the exact date.

The frames are a pearlised olive green/gold colour on the outside, with black on the inside. An attractive squarish oval shape, with very slightly upturned cat eye outer edges. There is the Revlon signature on the outside of the left arm, and the word Mauritius on the inside of the right arm. The lenses are pale brown plastic.

Both the frames and the lenses are in excellent condition with little to no sign of wear.

Size: They measure 5 1/2 inches across the front x 1 5/inches top to bottom. The arms measure 5 inches long.
Price: 39 euro

39.00 €            


Vintage 1980s Robert LaRoche Italian Cat Eye Sunglasses - Tortoiseshell Frames
Vintage 1980s Robert LaRoche Italian Cat Eye Sunglasses - Tortoiseshell Frames

These sunglasses were designed by the Italian designer Robert Laroche. Made in Italy during the 1980's (I have it on good authority that they were 1984). There is no signature.

The frames are brown tortoiseshell in colour, with pearlised highlighted patches throughout. Made in plastic with an unusual scalloped edge to the top of the cat eye shape. The lenses are grey plastic.

These sunglasses are in absolutely mint condition. They have never been worn and are new old stock.

Size: approx. 5 1/2 inches across the top x 2 inches deep.
Price: 38.00 euro
38.00 €            


Vintage Bug Eye Sunglasses - Tortoiseshell Frames - Signed L.S. - Vintage Sunglasses - 1950s
Vintage Bug Eye Sunglasses - Tortoiseshell Frames - Signed L.S. - Vintage Sunglasses - 1950's

Vintage bug eye sunglasses with tortoiseshell frames and green glass lenses. There is a designer signature L.S. I have researched the signature, but unfortunately, although there are a couple of designers that these sunnies could be made by, I can't verify anything, so they are sold 'as is'. They would seem to be 1950's Italian made.

They are in very good condition with no scratching to the lenses or frames.

Size: 5 1/4 inches wide and just over 1 1/2 inches deep
Price: 29 euro
29.00 €