Vintage Revlon Mauritius Olive Green / Gold Pearlised Sunglasses
A lovely pair of vintage sunglasses for ladies. Made by the beauty company Revlon, probably in the 1960's/70's, although I am unable to confirm the exact date.

The frames are a pearlised olive green/gold colour on the outside, with black on the inside. An attractive squarish oval shape, with very slightly upturned cat eye outer edges. There is the Revlon signature on the outside of the left arm, and the word Mauritius on the inside of the right arm. The lenses are pale brown plastic.

Both the frames and the lenses are in excellent condition with little to no sign of wear.

Size: They measure 5 1/2 inches across the front x 1 5/inches top to bottom. The arms measure 5 inches long.
Price: 39 euro

39.00 €            


Vintage 70s Rodenstock Sunglasses - Stainless Steel - Made in Germany
70s stainless steel oversized sunglasses made by Rodenstock in Germany. Model CERVINIA. Original glass lenses are non prescription, ready to wear.

The frames show edge wear on the outside of the right arm (see photo) but this is a minor flaw and the frames are in otherwise excellent condition. The lenses show faint scratches but these do not affect visibility badly at all.

Hinge to hinge measures 6 inches (150mm), hinge to arm/ear bend measures 4 inches (90mm), top to bottom at centre of eye frame measures 2.2 inches (55cm), a men's small/medium or women's medium.

Superb vintage Rodenstock styling and quality.

Price: 38 euro
38.00 €            


VALENTINO Vintage Designer Sunglasses - Metallic Brown - 1970s - Sold
Vintage designer sunglasses by Valentino. The frames are squarish, dark brown with a lightly metallic finish and rounded off corners. The lenses are brown.

Made in Italy during the 1970s, these sunglasses are in excellent condition. The frames have no marks to them apart from the fact that the name VALENTINO is partly rubbed off on the inside of the right arm, through wear. The inside of the left arm has the serial number 5040S and the words MADE IN ITALY. The outside of both arms have the VALENTINO logo, which is a 'V', in gold.

The lenses are in perfect condition with no scratches or marks.

Size: approx. 5 1/2 inches side to side of frame and 1 3/4 inches top to bottom at centre front of lens/frame.

Price: 54 euro - Sold


Vivienne Westwood 1980s Vintage Designer Sunglasses - Metal Frames
Vintage Vivienne Westwood sunglasses. Made in Italy in the 1980s. Model No. VW51504.

The frames are metallic black with black plastic arms in a wrap around style. There are some signs of wear, in particular to the right outer edge, where some of the colour has worn away, and the signature is partly worn away on the outside and inside of each arm, where the glasses would be held to put on and off.

The lenses are grey plastic, with some very small fine scratches, but these do not affect visibility.

Overall a fine pair of sunglasses by a great designer.

Size: Approx. Temple 5 1/4 inches (125mm) Lenses 2 1/4 x 1 1/2 inches (60mm X 35mm)
Price: 78 euro
78.00 €            


1980s Nigura Oversized German Sunglasses - Black Frames with Red and White Stripe Detail - Original Glass Lenses
1980s oversized black framed sunglasses with striped red and white detail. Made in Germany by Nigura. Model 9637. Original brown tinted glass lenses.

The frames show some small scratches and wear to the inside of the bridge which I have shown in the last photo, but have no serious flaws. The tinted lenses show some small dot sized marks, but these are minimal and do not affect visibility badly.

Hinge to hinge measures approx. 5.2 inches (13.4cm)
Widest point across the front measures approx. 5 1/2 inches (14cm)
Top to Bottom at the middle of the front of lens measures approx. 2.1 inches (5.3cm)

Price: 19 euro
19.00 €            


Vintage 80s Fendi Fendissime Mauve Sunglasses
Fendi Fendissime F612 vintage sunglasses with a mauve frame and mauve tinted lenses.

The outside of the left arm is embellished with a silver square with the signature FME Fendissime, and on the inside is F612 183.

The inside of the right arm has the Fendissime signature and the word MADE, which would have said made in Italy, but the 'in Italy' has worn off.

These sunglasses are in very good condition. There is a tiny white mark on the outer edge of the left hand side of the frame. I tried to photograph it but it is so small that it doesn't show in the photos. There is also a small rub mark on the outer surface of the bridge, and there are some tiny marks on the lenses that do not affect vision at all.

The most wear is to the inside of the arms, where the 'in Italy' is rubbed away, as mentioned previously.

Size: Width across front 5.3 inches, Height of frames 2 inches at highest point, Length of arms 5.3inches.
Price: 58 euro

58.00 €            


TITMUS Vintage Sunglasses - 1960s
A pair of vintage sunglasses by TITMUS. Made in the USA in the 1960s, these sunglasses have gold metal frames with a mottled blue/grey inner edge surrounding the lenses, and and pearlised grey earpiece ends to the arms. They are squarish in shape at the top, and rounded at the bottom, with grey lenses.

On the inside of the arms (both) is printed TP100 BLU TITMUS Z87, and there is a serial number printed on the inside of the nose bar.

These sunglasses are in excellent/ new condition. They are new old stock and 100% UVA & UVB.

Womens medium in size, although I think the shape could be worn by men and women.

Size: approx. 5 1/2 inches temple to temple (5 ins lens edge to lens edge but note the gold arm attachments come out a little further than the lenses), 2 inches top to bottom at centre of lens, arms 5 1/4 length approx. (Temple 135mm Lenses 50mm X 47mm approx.)

Price: 43 euro
43.00 €            


Vintage 1980s Vogue Designer Sunglasses - Navy Blue Frames
Vogue VO 2182-S designer sunglasses, made in Italy in the 1980's, with navy blue frames and very lightly tinted blue glass lenses.

The signature V is on the outer edge of both arms. Inside the right arm is 'VOGUE made in Italy', and inside the left arm is 'VO2182-S'

These classic sunglasses are in excellent condition with no scratches or markings to the frames or the lenses. They look hardly worn, and are a great style that suits most face shapes.

Size: Width across front approx. 5.3 inches, Height top to bottom of frames approx. 1 1/2 inches, Length of arms approx. 5.2 inches
Price: 48 euro
48.00 €            


Vintage 1960s Cat Eye Sunglasses - Black Frames - Filtral Germany
Vintage cat eye black framed sunglasses with gradient purple lenses.

Made in West Germany in the 1960s by Filtral, these sunglasses are in excellent condition with no scratches to the lenses. There are a couple of small marks on the bridge. Perhaps where they have been placed on a surface.

Size: approx. 5 3/4 inches across top / 5.4 inches temple to temple /1 3/4 inches top to bottom at centre of eye frame
Price: 35 euro
35.00 €            


1950s SMALL Polaroid Cat Eye Sunglasses - Original Case - Blue / Black Cat Eye Frames - Secretary Geek/Nerdy Gal - Sold
Vintage Polaroid blue/black cat eye sunglasses. The frames are plastic and the lenses are grey plastic.

The lenses are in very good condition with no marks. The frames are in very good condition but the inside of the arms are slightly worn with some of the writing worn away, and the left arm is slightly bent out of shape, but this has no effect when the glasses are being worn.

The writing on the inside of the right arm is in gold with POLAROID 202. The writing on the inside of the left arm says 'Made in the UK'.

These sunglasses come in their original faux leather case.

Please note that these sunglasses are SMALL. Please see measurements. They are for children or someone with a very small face.

Perfect Secretary Geek look for small faces or children.

Size: approx. 4 3/4 inch across top from cat eye tip to cat eye tip, top to bottom of front 1 1/4 inches, arm length 5 inches.
Price: 38.00 euro - Sold


Vintage 50s Cat Eye Sunglasses - Brown Acetate - SOLISTA - Glass Lens - Germany
A fantastic pair of SOLISTA vintage sunglasses from 1950s Germany.

They are slightly cat eye shaped with lightly pearlised brown acetate frames. The colour was very hard to catch in the photo's as they all look as though the glasses are black, but in the last photo you can see the correct colour brown when the glasses are folded.

The lenses are the original lightly tinted yellow glass.On the inside of the left hand arm is written SOLISTA 135.

These sunglasses are in excellent condition showing little sign of wear.

Size: approx. 5 1/4 inches across and 1 1/4 inches top to bottom at centre of lens to the front.
Price: 58 euro
58.00 €            


1980s METZLER Nerdish Sunglasses - METZLER NIGURA Germany - Vintage Sunglasses - Clear / Dusky Pink - Green Lenses
Nerdish oversized NIGURA sunglasses by METZLER Germany.

These sunglasses were made in the 1980's and have plastic frames that merge from clear to dusky pink as they move toward the outer edges, with the arms completely in dusky pink, and with metal inserts for stability.

The lenses are plastic and pale green in colour in excellent condition with no scratches.

A nice pair of sunglasses in great condition with no issues to the frames or lenses.

Size: approx. 5 3/4 inches from arm to arm across the top and 2 1/4 inches from top to bottom of lens at centre point.

Price: 28 euro
28.00 €            


Rare Vintage Paloma Picasso Sunglasses by METZLER Germany - 1980s
This listing is for a pair of rare Paloma Picasso sunglasses. Made in the 1980s they have rectangular blue rimless lenses by METZLER that offer protection filter category 3 according to European Standard.

The frames are a mix of navy and gold tone metal with a gold tone bridge (with navy to the front) and gold tone arm tips with a small navy marquise shaped crystal decoration to the outer centre, and the Paloma Picasso signature internally.

On the inside of the right arm is the Paloma Picasso signature and BY METZLER GERMANY, and on the inside of the left arm is the Model No.8667 113.

These sunglasses exude quality. They are designed by one of the famous fashion designers of the 70s-80s and made by METZLER Germany, which is one of the best one of the best eyeglass makers in Germany since 1830. When you receive them you will see that every component, down to the screws, are the best you can get.

They are in excellent condition, being new old stock from a trusted supplier that I buy from regularly.

Price: 120 euro

120.00 €            


1950s Black Cat Eye Sunglasses - France
Very beautiful and unusual vintage sunglasses from 1950's France. The frames are black on the outside and white on the inside, cat eye shape, made of acetate, and the lenses are blue.

Superb 50s French sunglasses in mint condition. They are new old stock so have never been worn.

Ooh, la la!

Size: approx. 5 3/8 inch arm to arm across top 1 1/8 top to bottom front of lens. (Hinge to hinge measures 125mm, widest point across the front measures 133mm)
Price: 58 euro
58.00 €