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Vintage 1909 Silk Handkerchief Box Embroidered with Swans with Vintage Hankies - Sold
A charming, very old English, yellow silk covered handkerchief box with which is embroidered on the lid. The embroidery is a countryside river scene, with two white swans. The inside of the box is also lined in yellow silk.

The box is very well made, however due to it's age there are some slight things to note. There are are four tiny dots on the top left hand side of the lid, the corners of the lid are very slightly worn on the bottom left hand side of the lid and the top right hand side, the paper on base is slightly worn in some patches around the outer edge, the front button to hold the lid shut is no longer present, but the silk loop is still good, so a little button could easily be added, and the inside join between the lid and the box has a little tear to the silk on the left hand side.

That sounds like a long list of things, but they are all really small, but of course you need to know about them. I have shown them in the photos.

Inside the box there are are 12 vintage hankies which have all been laundered. Some of the hankies are very old, good quality linen, which would probably be original to the box. There are also a couple of embroidered hankies and a blue and white checked one with a lace edge.

I believe this box and the original hankies to have been a wedding gift, as there is a gift card inside to a 'Clara Jane Lister with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Winn's compliments.' It is dated 1909. There is an address included too. 'Scale House, Near Skipton in Craven'. (Skipton in Craven is in Yorkshire, England.)

This whole listing is like a little treasure chest of history.

Size: 7 inches x 7 inches x 2 inches deep.