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Ruby Jade Oriental Necklace w/ Lotus Petal Pendant
An Oriental style necklace made with Ruby Jade gemstones which have been hand cut and faceted. Although called Ruby Jade it is more fuchsia pink in colour.

The Jade is interspaced with small Bali style antique silver beads and two sets of larger filigree swirl lantern bead highlights.

The focal pendant is a large, pointed Lotus petal drop with an elaborate oriental pattern which has a four petalled lotus flower at the centre.

The necklace measures approx. 24 inches with a further 2 inches for the pendant. When worn the pendant sits on the bust (general). I have shown the necklace on a mannequin to give you an idea of the size and length, in the last photo.

The necklace is easily and securely fastened with an oriental style toggle clasp.

Length: approx. 24 inches plus a further 2 inches for the pendant.
Price: 48 euro
48.00 €