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1920s Flapper Tassel Necklace - Art Deco Sautoir - Rainbow Green/Blue
1920s Flapper Tassel Necklace - Art Deco Sautoir - Rainbow Green/Blue

A very long sautoir necklace from the 1920's made using glass seed and bugle beads in shades of rainbow greens and blues.

The upper section of the necklace consists of three rows of plaited strands ending at a faceted round jonquil yellow lucite beads beneath which it separates into nine single strands interspaced with jonquil yellow lucite bi cones, to make very long tassels.

The glass beads would have been made in Czechoslovakia, so the necklace is very Bohemian. It is in excellent condition.

The total length is approx. 5 ft.
Price: 79 euro

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Fashion for Flappers

The roaring twenties will forever be remembered as the decade of flappers. “Bright Young Things” dressed up for a night on the town at a dance hall or illegal speakeasy. Free of the moral and physical constraint of the previous decades the clothing was loose but glamorous. The flapper girls wore long necklaces, sometimes made of pearls, sometimes like this one, made of beads.

A sautoir flapper necklace with long tassels such as this, might have been worn long, tied like a tie at the start of the tassels, or wrapped around the neck once like a choker, or twice, with the tassels hanging down the front at the sides like a scarf, or even worn with the tassels hanging down the back - very sexy.

There are very many ways in which such a necklace would have, and can be worn. For sure the tassels, when hung to the front, would have been swung around whilst the girl was dancing. A very lively dance, and a very lively necklace.

79.00 €